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February 2022 News

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Get Ready For Spring Grilling

Welcome to our first edition of "KC Farms Blog & News." We are so excited to have you on this journey with us!

KC Farms Meats was developed from a dream Chase and I had of feeding our community wholesome, premium products. Chase wanted to have an on-farm processing center—our dreams collided and KC Farms Meats was developed! Throughout the course of the year, we will keep you posted on changes and what is happening on our farm and at KC Farms Meats. (Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you won't miss any specials.)

Right now, we are selling beef shares. A 1/4 share is approximately 90-120 lbs of packaged meat for your freezer, cut specifically to your preferences and usually averages $850-950. A 1/4 share only needs about 5.6 cubic feet of freezer space! We have a couple available now so call or email for a reservation. We have 1/4, 1/2, and whole available NOW!

Farm Happenings

Our Spring flock is off to a great lambing, and spring calves will be coming soon. We are very excited about the new genetics that come with each new set of babies.

At KC Farms, we raise Registered Red Angus cattle. By having registered pedigree, we are able to look for specific traits in bulls and cows that will benefit their offspring! One of the traits we look for is a high marbling combination that will carry over to the meat you purchase from us.

Our days are busy and we are grateful to each and every person who has supported our journey of KC Farms Meats. No matter what is happening in our world, every day we stop to take in the breathtaking sunset and be thankful for the day's blessings.

Lillie's Place has its first guests arriving soon! Our hope is that the families that stay here create meaningful memories that the simplicity of the country bring. The sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking if you take the time to enjoy them. Let us know if you know someone visiting Ferrum or maybe you want to visit!

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